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Tom Delic

‘So much to invest, but we only offer the best’

Since 2016 I have worked in Amsterdam at the ABN AMRO bank in the Finance, Private Banking and Special Management departments. If it were not for me that the entrepreneurial urge started to get stronger, I thought the work suited my interests. But my feeling was strong. I decided to combine my Croatian background with my personal ambition to become an investor.

This resulted in TomRealEstate. TomRealEstate, derived from my name, focuses on investments in the real estate market in Croatia. I would not describe myself as a broker, but as an entrepreneur. The difference is in the mission and vision.

Our vision

Our goal is to be the focal point for Dutch investors who are considering investing in Croatia. Our core values are reliability and quality. This means that we want to be a consistent partner that offers qualitative investments. In the long term, our ambition is to establish an investment fund for the construction of sustainable real estate properties in Croatia. Sustainable construction is not only more lucrative for the environment, but also for the investment. And where better than in Croatia; the country with one of the sunniest coasts in Europe. In addition, the occupancy rate of houses in Croatia is high. This means that there is no surplus of houses and that there are sufficient opportunities in the development of real estate in Croatia.

Our mission

We are convinced that Dutch investors can play a major role in the Croatian real estate market.
We note a lack of transparency in the Croatian market and information.
Our task is to familiarize Dutch investors with the Croatian market by providing them with extensive market information and a high-quality * offer. By building a reliable bridge, we create new opportunities for Dutch capital.

* Qualitative: built qualitatively and checked for completeness of documentation, in an attractive location for own use, rental, exploitation or (re) sale.


Qualitative (new) construction on the Croatian coast


Dutch service; direct, fast and transparent


Clarity about the housing market in Croatia


Gate-keeper function, we select high-quality objects


Direct, fast, transparent


Accessibility, daily until 6 pm, but also on Saturdays you can call us.

Luxury real estate

Croatia has a large gap in the market for luxury real estate and sustainable real estate. In addition, transparency is often lacking, which is important to get a feel for your investment. TomRealEstate focuses on the many opportunities that this market currently offers.
The added value is provided to you by doing a piece of preliminary research regarding the offered object and providing you with useful market information.

What does TomRealEstate focus on?

TomRealEstate offers Dutch investors qualitatively selected real estate on the Croatian coast.

What does qualitative mean?

Qualitatively built, in strategic locations that are attractive for own use, rental, operation and (re) sale. All objects are fully documented.

How do we guarantee quality?

  • Critical property selection,
  • Complete documentation,
  • Market information

What is the purpose of TomRealEstate

The goal of TomRealEstate is to create accessibility for Dutch investors on the Croatian real estate market with the long term goal of stimulating sustainable housing on the Croatian coast.

I am really proud to be able to represent TomRealEstate Croatia and work towards progressive ambitions.
I am confident that TomRealEstate will be a consistent partner for other entrepreneurs, investors and families seeking towards an investment in Croatia.

What can you expect from TomRealEstate

You can expect us to be a reliable and transparent partner. We do this by conducting market analyzes, checking the completeness of documentation and offering the most attractive offer possible. Our service goes much further than selling houses. With our approach you have a broad overview of opportunities in the market, risks are reduced, and you know what to expect. This allows you to conclude for yourself what is the best investment for you.

Address The Netherlands

Forum 70, 3176
TC Poortugaal, Nederland

Address Croatië

Valmade 2,
52100 Pula, Croatia

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Tom Real Estate
VAT (OIB): NL002215118B33


NL: +31(6)10299351
CRO: +385(91)6222815

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