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Tom Delic

“I do what I’m excited about”

Meet Tom Delic, founder of Tomo Real Estate.

I was born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, to Croatian and Bosnian parents. At eighteen I received a fascinating book for my birthday. The book sparked my interest in the world of investment. From there, I went onto study Business Administration at Inter College Business School in Amsterdam. After receiving my Bachelor in Business Administration in 2016, I began working at ABN AMRO Bank N.V. in Amsterdam. I started my financial banking career in Private Banking, then did Finance (in both Amsterdam and Singapore), I later moved to Corporate Lending and finally I worked at the Financial Recovery department. In 2019 I knew I was ready to make my dream a reality by starting my company Tomo Real Estate, offering high-quality real estate in the country of my ancestors Croatia. 

The reason that I chose Croatia for my business is because I see a lot of potential. Croatia has over 3,600 miles of glimmering coastline; the most famous and touristic stretch are Istria (known for car-tourism from Europe) and Croatia’s southernmost region: the Dalmatian Coast, where dramatic limestone cliffs rise from the deep, and islands are scattered just offshore (the most appealing are Hvar, Brac, Korčula and Vis). Besides that, I personally have the advantage to do business in Croatia since I speak the language and I’ve built my network. Last, but definitely not least, our society realizes more and more the importance of privacy and a peaceful environment. That’s all what Croatia is about.

This beautiful country deserves more recognition and marketing. From an investment point of view, the revenue model in Croatia is seasonal. Beginning in April and going on until September, 50% of all tourists rent a villa or apartment for their stay. Tourism has dramatically increased since 2000; in turn, this proves that Croatia has become a top-rated holiday destination. Due to a very high occupancy rate during the holiday season in all types of accommodations, there is a significant shortage of housing. Owning a property in Croatia is not only a sound investment, there are also a lot of advantages for personal use. It’s a country with so many outstanding qualities: Beautiful beaches, untouched nature and a gastronomical paradise, all within a couple of hours from European airports. 

I am really proud to make investing in Croatia accessible with TOMO. For you that means,

  • High-quality real estate
  • Dutch service: quick in response, direct and transparent
  • Accessibility, answer to all your questions

I am confident that Tomo Real Estate will be a consistent partner for other entrepreneurs, investors and families looking for real estate in Croatia.




Dutch service: Direct, quick and transparent



Tomo Real Estate

TOMO focuses on quality real estate on the Croatian coast. We would like to offer the best of Croatia in the field of real estate. Real estate that adds value for you and you don’t have to worry about because you know it is a qualitative purchase. We assist you from inspection to transfer.

What does qualitative mean?

All our properties are in top locations for either investment or personal use. All our properties have been thoroughly inspected and have the correct documentation.

How do we guarantee quality?

  • We inspect the property before we select it
  • We have direct contact with the seller
  • Complete documentation is required
  • We strive to provide as much relevant market information as possible
  • A top location and build quality are important criteria for our property selection

What is the goal of TOMO?

TOMO wants to put Croatia on the map and create accessibility for investors in the Croatian real estate market.

What can you expect from TOMO?

It is in our interest that you invest with a good feeling. In doing so, we put ourselves and Croatia on the map better. You can expect us to be a reliable and transparent partner, who is always available by phone and email.

In order to achieve the above, we work together with a Notary and Law Firm with more than 15 years of experience. In addition, we inform you of the market environment, we check the completeness of documentation in advance, and we offer you the most attractive offer. This gives you a better sense of what you are investing in and you can consider what suits you best.

Service that goes beyond simply selling houses.

Our vision

We want to be the focal point for both recreational and commercial real estate investments in Croatia. Our core values are reliability and quality. This means that we are a consistent partner offering full service.

Our long-term ambitions are to set up an investment fund for the construction of sustainable real estate in Croatia. Sustainable construction is not only lucrative from an environmental point of view, but also from a financial point of view. We base our conviction on the following developments:

Peace and space are increasingly valuable properties
Society is increasingly aware of climate consequences
High occupancy rate of homes in Croatia; sufficient opportunities for real estate development
Country with one of the sunniest coasts in Europe

Our mission

We are convinced that (Dutch) investors can play a major role in the Croatian real estate market.
We note a lack of transparency in the Croatian real estate market and information provision.

Our mission is to make the Croatian real estate market accessible to investors. We want to achieve this by mapping the market and guaranteeing quality * real estate. By building a reliable bridge, we create new opportunities for investors.

Our core values

TOMO values reliability and transparency very much.

Second Home Expo October 2020

We are at the Second Home Fair from 2 to 4 October. Feel free to drop by and be inspired by the overwhelming offerings in over 30 countries.
Click on the link below to register, receive free entrance tickets, and don’t forget to visit our stand.
We look forward to seeing you at the fair. You can find TOMO at booth 304.

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